Gigabyte X670: presentate al Computex 2022

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The new Gigabyte X670 motherboards are coming, presented at Computex 2022. Let’s find out all the news of the brand together

Gigabyte X670 was presented today at Computex 2022. The Computex 2022 is what is referred to as a hybrid show and although most motherboard makers chose not to exhibit this year, Gigabyte was in attendance. At the fair, those present had the opportunity to take a closer look at the new ones AM5 motherboards.

Specifically | Gigabyte X670: presented at Computex 2022

At Computez 2022, Gigabyte only showed four models, but on the plus side, the staff at the booth were more than happy to share with all the details on the cards. The four tabs shown are l’X670E Aorus Xtreme, l’X670E Aorus Master, l’X670E Aero D e l’X670 Aorus Pro AX. Note that this was an early revision of the board and that the E is missing in the model name of three of the models, which suggests that AMD it hadn’t informed card makers about this distinction between its chipsets until earlier this month, when rumors started popping up about it online.

Gigabyte X670: presentate al Computex 2022

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Gigabyte will have a full lineup of cards coming later this year. In fact, when AMD launches its platform AM5most of its tabs will be implemented with chipset B650.

We should point out that there will be high-end B650 motherboards that will be priced similarly to the models X670 low-end. Which means purchasing AM5 motherboards will heavily depend on the features you prefer. Unfortunately no B650 motherboard was shown. As for the chipset X670E e X670, as there are obviously two per card, it seems that the difference boils down to PCIe 5.0 o PCIe 4.0 per lo slot PCIe x16 as the main differentiator between Gigabyte’s different SKUs.

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