Gillette Bomber Cup: the fifth edition kicks off

Big news in sight for the fifth edition of the Gillette Bomber Cup. Let’s find out the details in this news

The fifth edition of the Gillette Bomber Cup will officially begin on Tuesday 26 October. The competition organized by the famous Gillette brand will openly challenge the best Italian Fortnite teams. The popular online Battle Royale title, which recently updated to season 8, will thus be the protagonist of an all-Italian championship, in which players will clash in increasingly exciting challenges to win the coveted final title of BOMBER.

Fifth edition of the Gillette Bomber Cup, here are all the news

There are many new features in this fifth edition of the Gillette Bomber Cup, starting with the two new ambassadors: the Fortnite pro-player, Piz, and the famous Twitch Italia streamer, Xiuder. The two will accompany us over the three-week duration of the competition, in which players will have to show off all their best skills to get the highest score in the virtual battlefields of Fortnite. The tournament will then culminate on November 13, with the presence at the Milan Games Week, event of the year for all video game fans.

Gillette Bomber Cup: the fifth edition kicks off

Starting from 22 October, on the Twitch platform, the first official theme song of the tournament is available, which immediately transmits the lei motiv at the base of this new edition, that is Bomber (“bearded”) vs King (“bearded”). This concept represents the double face of Gillette (perfectly embodied by the same Piz and Xiuder), and will also have its own space within a new creative Fortnite map, which will be available for all those who want to test themselves in a journey to discover one’s true nature: Bomber or King?

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