Gillette Labs: Writing a new chapter in the elevated shaving experience

Gillette is about to revolutionize the shaving landscape with the recent launch of the Gillette Labs razor. From March 3, the product is officially available in Italy, promising to elevate the shaving experience to new levels of comfort, style and superior performance, defining the concept of “Labs level”

This represents the last chapter of a story that began in the first decade of the 20th century with the invention and patenting of the first safety razor by King Camp Gillette. This innovation had a profound impact on the world of men’s shaving, arising in a socio-cultural context in which trends related to beards and facial care were rapidly evolving.

During that time, the growing need to achieve a clean look without having to frequent the barbershop helped shape the innovation.

Gillette Labs: Writing a new chapter in the elevated shaving experience

Gillette Labs: a new standard in shaving and design

Since 1903, when the first razor was sold Gillette (patented in 1904), the brand has introduced over 10 distinct models, bringing constant improvements and innovations to the daily ritual of shaving. From the early ’50s with the adjustable razor, passing through the first cartridge razor between the ’60s and ’80s, up to the famous Gillette Fusion of 2006, the year of Italy’s victory in the Football World Cup, and now at the peak of this success story with Gillette Labs.

After years of research involving experts in various disciplines such as science, engineering and design, with a focus on the analysis of materials, biology and biochemistry of male skin, it emerged that daily skin accumulates dirt and natural secretions. This finding has increased the importance of direct intervention on the skin before shaving.

Gillette Labs represents Gillette’s concrete response to this need, integrating new features, cutting-edge technologies and innovations that transform shaving from functional to a unique experience. This is the first razor with an integrated bar with an exfoliating action, characterized by raised “scallops” which, through a scrub, remove debris and impurities from the skin before the blades pass. The 5 anti-friction steel blades they offer a deep, fast and easy shave, leaving the skin fresh. The flexible disc with FlexDisc technology follows the contours of the face for a precise shave.

The design is also a hallmark of Gillette Labs, with a elegant and ergonomic handle designed for an optimal and long-lasting grip. The innovative color and lines make this Gillette razor a design or furnishing object. With the new magnetic base, the razor remains upright, drying quickly and readily available for the next shave.

The razor will be available in different colors, accompanied by Gillette Labs shaving gel free of alcohol and dyes, ensuring optimal protection during shaving. Accessories such as the travel kit with elegant case offer the ideal solution for taking the product anywhere without risking damage. A perfect match for a Labs-level shaving experience.

“After over 10 years we are bringing a new and innovative product to the Italian market, which raises shaving to a higher level: we want to leave our mark in the life of every man who loves taking care of himself,” explains Marco Centanni, Brand Director – Gillette Italia . “With its unique features, Gillette Labs represents much more than a razor: it is an invitation to join the shaving revolution. An iconic object for those who seek excellence and for those who refuse to settle.”

Today a new page is being written in Gillette’s over one hundred year history, which confirms the brand as a leader in the sector and always attentive to the needs of those who love to take care of their style.

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