Giovanni Soldini and Maserati Multi70 left for the Transpacific

Maserati Multi70 e Giovanni Soldini partiti per la Transpacific Yacht Race thumbnail

Off to Transpacific Yacht Raceleft Maserati Multi70 e John Soldinthe. As, Maserati Multi70 e John Soldini they leave the Californian coast leaving for the Transpacific Yacht Race.

Maserati Multi70 and Giovanni Soldini set off for the Transpacific Yacht Race, source from the press office

The 52nd edition of the biennial ocean regatta is underway

The 52nd edition of the now classic biennial ocean regatta. Organized by Transpacific Yacht Club and held for the first time in 1906.

Game from Los Angeles and will arrive in Honolulu, Hawaii, covering a distance of approximately 2,225 miles.

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For Giovanni Soldini and the whole team, this is a new important sporting and technical test. Why Maserati Multi70 is the first racing multihull to fuel with sistema full electric.

Maserati Multi70 the first multihull with sistema full electric

To electrify the trimaran and allow it to travel in total autonomy without limiting its performance capabilities. The surfaces of solar panels are enhanced and a special battery is developed. Particularly light and dense.

Research, innovation, technology and performance have always been at the heart of the Maserati Multi70 project. With the support of the Maserati Innovation Lab engineers, it continues to test the efficiency of the electrical system and improve its performance.

The Transpacific Yacht Race calendar

The fleet of over sixty vessels of the Transpacific Yacht Racegame according to a schedule staggered over three days.

Gathered on the starting line off Point Fermin, where the signal was given for multihulls on 1 July at 11:55 local time (18:55 UTC; 20:55 Italian time). Maserati Multi70’s direct rivals are the two American MOD 70s Argo, skippered by Jason Carroll and navigator Brian Thompson, and Orion, skippered by Justin Shaffer. On board together with Giovanni Soldini the professional team composed of Guido Broggi (ITA), Oliver Herrera Perez (ESP), Francesco Malingri (ITA), Francesco Pedol (ITA), Matteo Soldini (ITA) and Lucas Valenza-Troubat (FRA) .

Maserati Multi70 and Giovanni Soldini set off for the Transpacific Yacht Race, source from the press officeMaserati Multi70 and Giovanni Soldini set off for the Transpacific Yacht Race, source from the press office

“It will be very important to be able to enter the wind first to start abeam with a wind that will turn more and more downwind in the following days. We will end up in jibes arriving in Hawaii,” says Giovanni Soldini. “We will have to sail a fairly high course, at the risk of collisions with floating objects and also from a technical point of view it will certainly be a tough race for us because we won’t be flying. We had a customs problem with the support container and therefore we won’t be able to count on the best performing set of sails and flying foils, and it’s a shame because they give their best on transoceanic voyages. But as usual we will sell dearly!”.

The race course passes close to the Pacific trash vortex, the so-called plastic island, which carries a greater risk of collisions. Maserati Multi70 has direct experience of this and is participating in this competition for the third time after the 2017 and 2019 editions, and in both cases it suffered damage caused by the collision with objects at sea: the first time by losing the right rudder, the second by destroying one meter of the bow of the port hull due to the impact at night with a very large object.

Together with the Bermuda Race on the east coast of the United States, the Transpacific Yacht Race is one of the longest-running offshore regattas in the world and since its inception, has gained increasing importance to become the most important competitive event in the Pacific. From the starting line at Pt. Fermin, Los Angeles, the course involves the fleet leaving Catalina Island to port and, with typical weather conditions for this time of year, sailing with winds downwind for much of the race to the finish at Diamond Head, Honolulu, Hawaii.

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