Gitex Europe: the bridge between Dubai and Berlin to accelerate digital transformation

Gitex Europe: il ponte tra Dubai e Berlino per accelerare la trasformazione digitale thumbnail

GITEX GLOBAL it is the largest tech event in the world. It inaugurated a new record-breaking edition this week in Dubai, with an extraordinary international response in the first three days. This year the huge scale of the event was made even more evident by the announcement of the launch of a European edition. It thus gave impetus to the international expansion of the global tech market with the launch of the Gitex Europe.

Gitex Global expands and launches Gitex Europe

The launch of GITEX EUROPE 2025 it was announced at the closing ceremony of the 43rd GITEX GLOBAL. This year again saw attendance exceeding the capacity of the Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC). It took place from 16 to 20 October 2023with 6,000 exhibitors and over 180,000 visitors from 180 countries.

GITEX EUROPE is organized by KAOUN International, an international company associated with DWTC, which organizes GITEX GLOBAL. In collaboration with Messe Berlin, where the event will debut from 21 to 23 May 2025.

The Gitex Africa edition

GITEX EUROPE is the second foreign initiative of the GITEX network, after the historic debut of GITEX AFRICA in Morocco in May 2023. It was considered as the best technology event launch globally. GITEX GLOBAL today represents an extraordinary point of contact between the future of the economies of Dubai, Africa and now Europe. This is thanks to continuous exploration initiatives in the most dynamic emerging markets in the world.

Gitex Europe, here’s who took part

They participated in the official ceremony that inaugurated the collaboration between KAOUN International and Messe Berlin His Excellency Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications in the United Arab Emirates and President of the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy. But also Franziska GiffeyDeputy Mayor of Berlin and State Senator for Economic Affairs, Energy and Business.

The growth of international demand for GITEX for broaden your reach and explore new markets led to the creation of GITEX EUROPE 2025 in Germany, with the aim of accelerating the economies of the future through a vision of digital transformation focused on talent development, innovation and technology investments based on public-private partnerships (PPPs).

Accelerate Europe’s rise in technology

GITEX EUROPE 2025 arrives at a stage in which Europe is moving forward global technological superpower, creating a resilient ecosystem which, according to recent estimates, will require the creation of 11 million new jobs in the tech sector by 2030, to meet the growing demand of a 3 trillion dollar European sector. Home to 514 unicorns, Europe boasts globally competitive and leading companies across all new technology segments, and now attracts 20% of global VC funding, up from 5% two decades ago.

Long-term optimism is highlighted by the opportunity to deploy billions of dollars of European venture capital and growth funds into targeted technologies that solve real problems, with ESG investing and climate technologies among the main beneficiaries in the coming years. years.

With beyond 160,000 start-ups and 2.6 million start-up workers Today more motivated, experienced and connected than ever, Europe is perfectly positioned to usher in a golden age of technological ascendancy, intensified by the networking power, PPP collaborations and real business-building capacity of GITEX EUROPE 2025.

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