Giveaway be quiet!: vinci un PC gaming da 3000 dollari

The well-known manufacturer of components for our PCs be quiet! has activated an interesting giveaway to try to win a gaming PC worth 3000 dollars. Here are details

With this new giveaway, the well-known German manufacturer be quiet! gives all his fans the chance to win a powerful gaming PC worth $ 3000. In these crazy times, between chip shortage and mining, prices are really above average. This is a great possibility. The manufacturer of PSUs, cases and PC cooling solutions has put a lot of great components into this little gem. But let’s get to explain the rules.

Giveaway be quiet!: vinci un PC gaming da 3000 dollari

Try to win a $ 3000 PC with be quiet!

The global giveaway is already underway and as anticipated the award is a truly awesome gaming PC that has been uniquely and unrepeatable airbrushed by an artist and has some really powerful components inside. Competition it will be valid until 20 July. To win the PC you have to count the unique logos that are scattered in the video that we leave here attached. The video lasts a few minutes and it costs nothing to try! Good luck!

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