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Glass Onion Review – Knives Out: A New Mystery For Daniel Craig

Here is our review (strictly spoiler free) of Glass Onion – A Knives Out Mystery, which marks the return to the screens of the most classic crime thriller, after the lucky predecessor of 2019

ORIGINAL TITLE: Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. GENDER: Giallo. COUNTRY: United States of America. REGIA: Rian Johnson. CAST: Daniel Craig, Dave Bautista, Ethan Hawke, Kathryn Hahn, Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe, Leslie Odom Jr., Jessica Henwick, Kate Hudson. DURATION: 149 minutes. DISTRIBUTOR: Netflix. PRODUCER: Lionsgate. EXIT CINEMA: 23/11/2022.

After the great success of Knives Out, comes Glass Onion, a second chapter directed by the director himself Rian Johnsonwith a cast different from the stellar one of the predecessor but certainly not inferior, but with the same protagonist: Daniel Craig as the brilliant investigator Benoit Blanc. And if with Knives Out the classic murder mystery thriller had a boost of freshness, the second chapter promises to further disrupt the canons of the genre. The question is: does it succeed in its intent? Read on for our Glass Onion review to find out.

In fact, we had the opportunity to preview this film characterized by a double destruction. Glass Onion will in fact be available in Italian cinemas from the end of November, but only for a few days. Later, from the Christmas holidays, it will be distributed by Netflix, which also co-produced the project. Absolutely pharaonic project, with a world-class cast and dreamy Greek settings. And it is no coincidence that a second sequel is also planned, already in the yards of Netflix. Our review of this sui generis thriller, of course, will be completely spoiler free.

The plot and the trailer | Glass Onion Review – Knives Out

As the world is challenged by the Covid pandemic and people are forced into their homes and social distancing, some characters from different work backgrounds, a former model, a macho streamer, an aerospace scientist and a career politician are invited by an eccentric and wealthy friend of theirs for a weekend on his private island in Greece. The billionaire’s goal is to stage his own fake murder that the guests will have to solve through the puzzles created by the host over the weekend.

Glass Onion Review - Knives Out: A New Mystery For Daniel Craig

Basically we are facing an immense game of Cluedo, the famous investigative board game, in the scenario of a huge hyper-technological villa. But, among the bystanders, the name of Benoit Blanc, the best detective in the world, also turns up, who in turn received a box with an invitation. It all gets complicated when a character really diesand it will be up to our detective to figure out who is the culprit in this circle of friends who are not too sincere with each other.

I pro e i contro | Review Glass Onion – Knives Out

Glass Onion – Knives Out is well shot, with certainly interesting technical ideas and shots and also at times innovative. The hand behind the camera, in fact, knows its stuff and everything is congenial to the mystery that cloaks the plot, as well as being visually pleasing. Indeed, despite the length of the film, the vision is never tiring and indeed it is very pleasant: the two and a half hours of film will fly. Also thanks to the vein not only of comedy, but at times comic, of the film. In this, Glass Onion stands out from Knives Out, focusing more on irony and resulting, even in this respect, excellent. Nor will it bore you to find the many names of the cast and the various cameos, with new names and old glories (we would like to highlight the last one by Angela Lansbury).

Glass Onion Review - Knives Out: A New Mystery For Daniel Craig

But on the casting front, perhaps you can see the first cracks in this film. Because the actors, far from acting badly, struggle to find an identity and consequently a credibility. The writing of the main characters creaks, unfortunately to become a speck – contrary to the first chapter, in which the characterization of the protagonists was the strong point. The context is also banal and, unfortunately, the interweaving of the yellow plot also leaves something to be desired. The twists do not always succeed, especially in the central part of the film, although the incipit and the ending, on the other hand, are more interesting.

A failed sequel? | Glass Onion Review – Knives Out

At this point the question is legitimate: is the sequel promoted? Let’s start by saying that this film wants to be different from the previous one. The comic inspiration is greater, the atmosphere is postmodern and not country, almost retro. Consequently, a comparison between the two would be misleading.

However, it must be said that the typical yellow tension that permeated the first Knives Out is somewhat lost in the second, which although extremely pleasant and interesting, does not keep the viewer on the edge of the armchair waiting to discover the killer.

Glass Onion Review - Knives Out: A New Mystery For Daniel Craig


In short, keeping to the title, the glass onion actually lets its center shine through too soon, partly taking away from the viewer the mystery and also the satisfaction of being constantly misled in the vain search for the culprit. Even though the development becomes boring at some point, the film never bores, indeed it entertains and involves.

That said, and despite a really intriguing start of the film, with small mysteries that the group undertakes to solve during the first, brief moments of the film, at the end of the vision there remains the desire for that extra touch of mystery that is missing. The Glass Onion review is therefore ambivalent: excellent ideas (also from the photography and soundtrack) to which, however, a somewhat disappointing plot is counterbalanced, especially if we consider the comparison with the first, really yellow, Knives Out. anyway the merits outweigh the faultsand the experience in the room is very immersive. Do we recommend this movie? Certainly. Do we recommend seeing it at the cinema, in the time frame in which it will be available? Absolutely yes!

Points in favor

  • The excellent rhythm, which makes the projection engaging despite the duration
  • The outstanding cast, including cameos
  • The comic streak

Points against

  • The intertwining of the mystery is lost along the way

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