Global warming: this is why the Mediterranean will become drier

Let’s find out why, due to global warming, thunderstorms will increase in every area of ​​the planet except the Mediterranean.

As anticipated by Greta Thunberg in 2019, “our house is on fire”. This desperate cry for help was underestimated by many and today we are paying the consequences. Criticism of the Swedish activist – founder of the environmental movement Fridays for Future – they did not wait: there are those who have defined it as “catastrophist”, others as “opportunist” and “exaggerated”. The truth, however, is only one: the global warming it’s a serious problem and Greta was right.

The beautiful season just passed has entered the top ten of the hottest summers of the last two centuries: is this just a trivial coincidence? Unfortunately not. Indeed, the situation is destined to worsen over the next few decades, especially in the area of Mediterraneo. To give the alarm is the WITH, l‘Massachusetts Institute of Technology, home of the research “Why Is the Mediterranean a Climate Change Hot Spot”. Let’s analyze together the results obtained to quantify the already visible damage of the global warming.

Global warming: this is why the Mediterranean will become drier

Global warming: what will happen to the Mediterranean area in the coming years

Scholars did not mince words: the mean terrestrial temperature it will increase everywhere in a homogeneous way, as well as the extent of the rains. On the contrary, in the area Mediterranean, there will be a decrease in 40% rainfall. Predicting this phenomenon is important because it allows, in already geographically penalized areas such as Middle East e nord-western africa to sensitize society to a more prudent administration of sources of income. In short, water resources will have to be managed better to avoid shortages in times of drought, ensuring support for population and toagriculture.

Global warming: this is why the Mediterranean will become drier

Why the Mediterranean will be a Hot Spot and what scientific phenomena are at the basis of this strange event.

As suggested by the research, the models created for the prediction of the effects of global warming converge towards similar results. At this point, a question can only arise: why, unlike the world trend, the area Mediterranean will it face a growing drought? Scientists of the WITH they opted for a fairly simple explanation. This strange phenomenon is only the result of a combination of two factors: the reduction of gap termico between Terra e big and the change in intensity of the so-called “Midlatitude jet stream”, Ie the high altitude winds. Let’s try to shed some light.

Generally, thunderstorms are related to low pressure, the dry air athigh pressure. One of the consequences of the global warming is the increase in the scope of “Midlatitude jet stream” that is, air flows that run horizontally just below the tropopausa and which strongly influence the perturbations. The surface of the Terra is not homogeneous: there are, in fact, flat areas and depressions alternating with various mountain ranges of great height, such as the Alps and theHimalaya. Due to the collision between these mountain giants and the air currents, regions of low and high pressure are created: and it is precisely in the latter that the basin of the Mediterraneo.

This curious phenomenon, however, alone fails to sufficiently justify the alarming data. In fact, another factor comes into play to further aggravate the situation. In a few years, the earth temperature will increase significantly compared to that of the sea, this means that the thermal gradient between the two it will decrease and with it the pressure will increase. What if the pressure difference salt? The air masses will be “pushed” with less force and this will cause the formation of minor upward winds. Unfortunately, this phenomenon will take place in favor of anticyclones, so it will further increase the pressure and decrease the rainfall.

Global warming: this is why the Mediterranean will become drier

What can be done to hinder global warming

Environmental problems cannot be liquidated by the usual “barrel dump”: we all have to assume our responsibilities. To fight the global warming few and simple sustainable choices can be made on a daily basis. You could start, for example, using it at home exclusively fluorescent bulbs, which require 60% less energy than traditional. Another useful gimmick would be to invest in home appliances exclusively of energy class A or higher, which are also highly efficient. In addition, also increase the use of rechargeable batteries, turn off the equipment in stand-by, use LCD screens and only fully loaded washing machines would mean alleviating the suffering of our planet. Think of the great benefits that would be gained if, at this time, we all started living more sustainably.

Global warming: this is why the Mediterranean will become drier

Can the world be saved by a teenager’s cries for help? The answer is: probably yes. The ideas and anger of Greta they are those of an entire generation, the same one that will have to pay the price of a wrong past. The only way to stop the global warming is to start acting right away. If you don’t want to do it for the good of the planet, at least do it for that of your children.