Glover: the return of a classic on the Switch

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Anyone who has ever had a Nintendo 64 on their hands will certainly remember Glover, a very special 3D platformer starring a glove that is about to return to Nintendo Switch

Was the end of 1998 and, on Nintendo 64, a new protagonist peeped out who would join other icons such as the various Super Mario, Link, Banjo – Kazooie, Pokémon and so on. It was in fact the very nice glove Glover which, shortly, will be “at hand” again on Nintendo Switch! But let’s go ahead with some order.

Glover: from the Nintendo 64 to the Switch

Glover, at the time, was released on the Nintendo 64, la first PlayStation e PC by Interactive Studiosbut now the ball has passed to Piko Interactive who took care of landing the glove on Nintendo Switch. To play it again and to get to know this old title, just wait until April 20!

It should also be remembered that, at the beginning of the year, one of his was announced remake only for Steam, but it would have been rather strange not to see this title on a console of the Big N, don’t you agree too?

It should also be remembered that the title, initially, it should have had a sequel, but in the end nothing. But what about the history of the first chapter? Our four-fingered hero will have to make his way through a very colorful and cartoon world in search of seven magical crystals to stop the evil twin Cross-Stitch. A very simple story, but still effective. Too bad then for the missing sequel.

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