God of War 2: release date postponed to 2022

Santa Monica Studio announces with a release the postponement of the release date of God of War 2 to 2022

God of War 2 was postponed to 2022. Santa Monica Studio announces it with a press release. Meanwhile, Hermen Hulst gave an interview on the PlayStation Blog, where, in addition to confirming the postponement of the title, also speaks of some very interesting information on the production, which apparently will also arrive on PlayStation 4, and not just on PlayStation 5, as many initially thought.

God of War 2 postponed to 2022 and also coming to PS4

The news of the postponement of God of War 2 to 2022 does not surprise that much. There had been no news about the game for a long time, except for the presentation teaser trailer shown last year. Hermen Hulst, in an interview on the PlayStation Blog, also said that the title will arrive on PS4. This is a reverse that is not too surprising. Horizon Forbidden West, in fact, will also make its debut on the old Sony console, a symptom of the need for don’t leave a console base behind which has over millions of units scattered all over the world.

God of War 2: release date postponed to 2022

Sony also divulged other interesting information. It seems that too the next episode of Gran Turismo will arrive on PS4. The policy of the Japanese giant, in practice, is becoming very similar to the inclusive one adopted within the‘Microsoft ecosystem for some years. Recently, in fact, Sony has brought Days Gone to PC and is planning other ports of exclusive titles, such as Uncharted 4.

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