God of War Ragnarok: here’s what the release period could be

God of War Ragnarok returns to be talked about: the game appeared in the list of upcoming releases on the PS Store, released earlier than expected?

God of War Ragnarok was included in the list of upcoming arrivals of the PlayStation Store and the period of exit it may be closer than initially expected. The new chapter of Sony Santa Monica’s historic first party saga is one of the most talked about games on various forums since its presentation at the PlayStation Showcase. God of War fans are eagerly discussing aspects of the plot, the main antagonist, and most importantly, the release period. Precisely on this last aspect there could be news. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

God of War Ragnarok: the title will arrive “soon”, that’s when it could be the real release period

In today’s update of the PlayStation Store Sony has apparently entered God of War Ragnarok in the section of upcoming arrivals on the virtual showcase of the colossus, which, at least theoretically, could suggest the fact that the game may not be so far from theexit.

God of War Ragnarok joins popular titles like Farcry 6, Battlefield 2042, and others due out later this year. The addition of the game nearly two weeks after the official announcement puts a question on everyone’s mind: Will God of War Ragnarok be out much sooner than we expect? According to the PlayStation list and studying the previous release dates of the popular Playstation franchise, God of War Ragnarok may be out as early as March / April 2022.

Nearly six of the eight games in the popular series had a scheduled release in the Q1 / Q2 financial period of a calendar year, including five in March alone. With developers confirming that the upcoming title will reuse a lot of game assets from previous rumors and official game clips, that may prove to be true but of course, that has to be taken with a grain of salt for now.

A list of upcoming Playstation releases doesn’t necessarily mean the game will be available anytime soon as titles like Final Fantasy XVI they have been on the list for centuries and there are no necessary details about its release date. For now and until we know otherwise, God of War Ragnarok will be out at some point in 2022 its PS4 e PS5.

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