God of War Ragnarok: the rumors do not give up, “imminent” announcement of the date

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The release date of God of War Ragnarok is close to the revelation: the rumors about a hypothetical announcement do not seem to bite the brake

While the latest Nintendo Direct has calmed down the rumor for the next few times, on the other the rumors for a announcement of the exit date from God of War Ragnarok continue to circulate. Whether the game comes out by New Year’s Eve is still a matter of debate. And while most have been arguing for months on the right combination of numbers, an industry journalist wanted to stand out from the crowd. Let’s talk about Jason Schreier, known for having his investigative reportage on what would become the Activision scandals. We are therefore talking about a sort of insider, giving considerable weight to his restriction of the field.

An announcement destined to make “rumors”, that of God of War Ragnarok

Specifically, the rumor that Schreier intends to echo concerns a hypothetical launch of God of War Ragnarok planned for Novemberwith an announcement of the date more or less to end of June (i.e. between today and tomorrow). According to the reporter, the plans have not changed. On the contrary, Schreier increased the dose on Twitter with the post we’ve included below. Giving more context to the information in his possession, the insider made it clear that it would not be news included with a State of Play. On the contrary, Sony’s idea should be an individual trailer without a presentation to frame it.

Recently, the leaker The Snitch (a pseudonym literally translatable as “the spy”, ed) suggested that the expected announcement is planned precisely for tomorrow, giving further credibility to the potential information. The plans can obviously always change, but the insistence of several different sources about the same update on the game situation had to be reported. One thing is certain: it will not take long to have a reconfirmation of the reliability of these rumors or a possible denial of them. For now, however, we can only have the usual patience of any good gamer.

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