God of War: video comparison between PS5 and PC versions

God of War lands on PC, and a video shows how much (and, above all, if) the new version holds up to the original on PS4 and PS5

It would not be fair to compare the delay of the PC version with other games that release each format simultaneously, but now that we know of the arrival of God of War on computer it is natural to ask how much the new release holds up the comparison with the original on PS4 and PS5: to answer a fan with a video. We thus have the opportunity to compare the two incarnations of the same title, placing the same scenes in different versions on the two corresponding scales. Therefore it is possible to understand who emerges as the winner in a comparison with regard to the graphics sector.

The Olympic aspect ratio video comparison between the PC version of God of War and the PS5 format

As Santa Monica Studio stated, the PC version of God of War will show more muscle than seen on the PS5, as is evident in the video. Support for GTAO, SSDO and NVIDIA DLSS is just the tip of the iceberg. In particular, on PC we will be able to enjoy native support for 4K, contributing to the higher resolution of shadows and reflections. And, indeed, the scenes from the major fotorealismo are wasted. However, there are also occasions when the different lighting makes the computer port look bad (sorry). You can see for yourself.

Obviously, the (very relative) “flatness” of the PC version does not represent the quality of the final version: it is still provisional material. That said, there’s no way to tell if Santa Monica Studio will fix the shot in time for the port’s release, but as far as we know the build may not be the one that will hit our screens relatively soon. In fact, surprisingly little is missing from the release on PC: the date is set for January 14, 2022. In other words, therefore, two weeks after New Year. The appointment is set for then.

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