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God Simulator: Announce Trailer and Steam Page Released!

Through a press release, the Polish S2 Games presented the new trailer for God Simulator to the world, also officially releasing its Steam page

What comes to your mind when we say: Simulator? The most purists, surely, will refer to the commendable Microsoft Flight Simulator from Microsoft, while many other aficionados of the genre will turn to the award-winning and highly appreciated Farming Simulator 2022, which has reached incredible numbers. What if we also told you God Simulator? Developed by S2 Games, a Polish company, the title is a simulator with strategic elements of the global economywhich puts you in command of the hopes and dreams of… everyone!

Through a press release, the company presented the new trailer for the title, also announcing the official opening of the Steam page. You can then add God Simulator to your Wishlist right away. Immediately start thinking about what it will be like to take over the fate of the entire world, through a control center, as the prayers, hopes and crimes of the citizens of the planet enter the inbox. Deciding who is worthy of help, from hard-working individuals, to tribes. Your goal will be to decide whether it’s worth helping humanity or playing the devil in a tempting alternative: a world on fire. We leave you the new trailer right below.

God Simulator shows itself with a trailer and goes online on Steam: the words to the Creative Director!

Mike Jadore, S2 Games Creative Director, said:

Our continued efforts to develop and release independent video games that entertain led us to God Simulator! We couldn’t be happier to bring this wacky game to life! We love letting our creativity run wild in the studio and have tried to show it in our art style, as well as in the choices people will be able to make as they play, so we hope you enjoy it!

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