Goku Super Saiyan 4 arrives in Bandai’s SHFiguarts

The protagonist of Dragon Ball GT arrives in the SHFiguarts line of Bandai, thanks to the release of the action figure of Goku Super Saiyan 4

You say Akira Toriyama and you can’t help but think about Dragon Balls, endless fights and lots of humor, all elements that have contributed to the creation of one of the most popular and loved manga / anime ever. And it is precisely from Dragon Ball GT, a production that immediately follows the exploits of the series known as Z, which Bandai took inspiration for Goku Super Saiyan 4, a new action figure that joins the line S.H.Figuarts of the Japanese manufacturer.

Goku Super Saiyan 4 protagonist of the new Bandai SHFiguarts

Over the years the undisputed protagonist of the work of Toriyama has been the subject of constant growth. And despite the fact that at the moment the focus of the fans is all directed to the series Super, Dragon Ball GT (even net of its criticalities) has remained in the hearts of fans thanks to the transformation into Super Saiyan 4 at Goku, which is now perfectly re-proposed in the line made by Bandai, and which is in addition to Hit.

Goku Super Saiyan 4 arrives in Bandai's SHFiguarts

The action figure in question, completely articulated and posable, is bookable starting from today, at the fixed price of 6000 Yen. In the box, in addition to Goku, we will find a series of different faces, as well as an element that will allow us to recreate the Kamehameha, or Energetic Wave as it is known in our own adaptation.

Before saying goodbye, and renewing the appointment on the pages of TechGameWorld.com, we remind you that the Bandai figure will be distributed approximately during the next month of October. Will you buy it? We are curious to know, so we are waiting for you in the comments section.

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