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Good news from Valve: Steam Decks arrive sooner than expected

Good news from Valve: Steam Decks arrive sooner than expected thumbnail

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Valve has a pleasant surprise for anyone who ordered one Steam Deck: the handheld gaming console may come in advance. In fact it looks like they will be getting the Steam Deck already by the end of the third quarter instead of the end of the year. In other words, those who waited for the console between October and December will have an early Christmas present: they will be able to start playing in a few weeks.

Valve announces that the Steam Decks will arrive early

In this time of supply chain problems, tech companies often warn of delivery delays. So when Valve announced recently that will be able to handle all orders scheduled for 2022, many gamers cheered. And we guess they’re even more excited after Valve’s latest announcement.

Dall’account Twitter dedicated to the Steam Deck, the company writes: “Great news! We are making as many Steam Decks as we can, and have updated the shipping windows for those with reservations. If you were in Q4 window before (October-December), check: you might be in Q3 now“. You can check your reservation here.

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Plenty of gamers want to start bringing their favorite games on the go. As they have been doing for some time with Nintendo Switchwhich however does not have the very long catalog of games Steam. For this reason the reservations of the Steam Deck they have really multiplied this year.

After seeing such titles as Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered run on the Steam Deck, users have believed in Valve’s hardware. And Valve has made the most of the opportunity, accelerating the production of the hardware that is making gamers around the world discuss.

Have you pre-ordered your Steam Deck? Let us know what you think of this product from Valve in the comments.

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