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The GLaDOS interpreter wants a new chapter of Portal

The interpreter of GLaDOSEllen McLain, said of wish the arrival of Portal 3 and she even suggested that fans join her to make it happen. Let’s find out all the details together.

Ellen McLain wishes Portal 3 arrived

It is said that Valve can’t count to three Why he has never made a complete trilogy for none of his best-loved titles. This curse began with Half-Life 2: Episode 3which was later to become Half-Life 3. It is a game that Valve promised players; over time, however, the company became much more vague and stopped talking about it.

Officially has never been confirmed the cancellation of Half-Life 3. Specifically, however, the title hasn’t come out yet. This pattern was then repeated with Left 4 Dead 2 e Portal 2which never had a sequel, much to the chagrin of the fans.

In a recent interview with the YouTuber KIWI TALKZthe actress of GLaDOS, Ellen McLainsaid she was still willing to reprise his role as an evil robot. He also said to want to build Portal 3. He also suggested to fans of write to Valve to tell the developer that the actress wants to see it made.

Of course, Valve is pretty stubborn when it comes to these things. Fans have in fact been asking for a third chapter of Half-Life for years, without ever getting a concrete result.

Portal writer, Eric Wolpawshared similar feelings to McLain’s earlier this year in another interview, stating that he also wants to make Portal 3. However, he noted that it is a project that it cannot be accomplished. He pointed out that it is a difficult task because of Valve’s size and structure and that it’s hard to put a team together to make it happen.

It appears that Valve is currently working hard to make sure that it is Steam Deck be able to function in a sustainable waybut it is unclear if he has in the pipeline major new titles not yet announced. For this we just have to wait and hope that Valve finally listens to its fans.

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