Goodbye camera, photos are taken with the smartphone

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A research conducted by the telephony brand Wiko confirms that only 20% of the photos taken are intended for social networks. In choosing the device to use for taking pictures, on the other hand, the victory of the smartphone. In fact, mobile devices clearly outperform cameras. As many as 91% of users prefer to use the smartphone instead of the camera. The niche of photography enthusiasts is reduced to a total of 9% of users.

The results of the Wiko survey: the smartphone beats the camera, only 20% of the photos taken arrive on social networks

The survey data confirm that for the 79% of the respondents since there is a smartphone, the number of photographs has increased. It should be noted that only 17% of users confirm that they post more than 80% of the photos taken with their device on social networks.

In addition, during the holidays, 54% of users admitted to having taken more than 50 photos. It should also be noted that the comparison between camera and smartphone closes with a clear victory of mobile devices. The mobile phone is the device of choice for photos by 91% of users.

It should be noted that, according to 83% of the survey participants, less than 20% of the photographs are destined for social networks. As for the favorite subjects of the photographs, the winners are photos of panoramas and Golden Hour that seem to have clearly outdone portraits and selfies.

Failed, despite the charm, the photos of the moon. According to 55% of users, in fact, the shots of the moon with the smartphone are often unsatisfactory. About half of users try their hand at night photos, using, for example, the Night Mode of smartphones to get better results.

The best photos are often printed

Digital photos are often printed. According to the survey data, in fact, the 32% of users prefers print the best photos of the holidays. It should also be noted that the majority, over 68%, choose to create dedicated albums on their smartphone. Furthermore, 62% of users keep their own on their smartphone. The storage space of your smartphone is preferred to cloud storage solutions, often accompanied by paid plans.

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