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Goodbye to Piper Laurie, the unforgettable Carrie, from Twin Peaks

A great professional in the world of cinema has left us at the age of 91, it’s Piper Laurie. We remember her most famous works

She passed away on Saturday 14 October Piper Lauriethe ninety-one-year-old actress, originally from Detroit, where she was born with the name of Rosetta Jacobs. During her long career, she has managed to collect great hits, including three Oscar nominations, in addition to win a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award. Let’s remember her by retracing the most salient stages of his career.

Goodbye to Piper Laurie, the unforgettable Carrie, from Twin Peaks

A long career | Goodbye to Piper Laurie, the unforgettable Carrie, from Twin Peaks

Of Jewish, Polish and Russian origins, Piper Laurie was born in Detroit in 1932, but it was in California that she began to approach the world of cinema. In fact, her career began in 1950, where she took part, as a protagonist, in the comedy I love Luisa desperatelyOf Alexander Hallalongside Ronald Reagan. Her early experiences immediately allowed her to work alongside great cinema personalities. Between these Paul Newman e Mel Gibson. Right next to Newman, in the film The bully (1961) earned her first Oscar nomination, as Sarah Packard. Her second came after her portrayal of the Christian fundamentalist Margaret White in the horror film Carrie – Satan’s gaze (1976). Then it was the film Children of a lesser god (1986) allowed the actress to be nominated for an Oscar again, for the third time.

But that’s not all, because Piper Laurie’s career was dotted with other great successes, including The promise (1986) with which he managed to win a Emmy Award e The Secrets of Twin Peaks (1991) with which he won a Golden Globe. We cannot fail to mention the actress’s collaboration with the Master of Thrills, Dario Argentoacting in the film Trauma (1993) which he directed.

The death

The actress’s last official appearances date back to 2018, when she took part in Cocaine – The True Story of White Boy Rickand an episode of the series MacGyver. The sad news of her death was spread by the actress’s manager, Marion Rosenbergwho wanted to remember Laurie as “one of the most extraordinary and versatile actresses of her time, a brilliant and creative mind and a wonderful human being.”

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