Goodnight Mommy: Naomi Watts protagonista del remake di Amazon

Goodnight Mommy: Naomi Watts protagonista del remake di Amazon

Actress Naomi Watts will star in Amazon Studios’ remake of the psychological thriller Goodnight Mommy

Naomi Watts she will be the protagonist and executive producer of the remake of the Austrian psychological horror entitled Goodnight Mommy, made by Amazon Studios.

Released in 2014, the original film became a real one cult of the genre and was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Foreign Film section.

The remake will be directed by Matt Sobel and scripted by Kyle Warren. Production will be handled by David Kaplan, Joshua Astrachan, Valery Guibal and Nicolas Brigaud-Robert, while the directors of the original film, Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz, will this time serve as executive producers alongside Watts.

Goodnight Mommy: la trama del remake con Naomi Watts

Goodnight Mommy follows the story of two twins who, having gone to stay with their mother, are surprised to find her wrapped in bandages from head to toe, with only her eyes visible. His behavior becomes more and more unusual, so much so that the twins begin to wonder, convincing themselves later, that he is an impostor. Their suspicion triggers a series of emotional mind games and constant misunderstandings between mother and children, which lead to an explosive ending and irreparable and heartbreaking consequences.

Speaking of the direction of his film, director Matt Sobel said he wanted to structure it as an invitation to the spectators to enter the inner journey of the protagonist.

In our retelling of Goodnight Mommy, the fear of abandonment – and the terrifying realization that those close to us may not be what they seem – creates an immersive nightmare, with gut feelings everywhere. I can’t wait to create this breathtaking story with Amazon and the peerless Naomi Watts.

We do not yet know when production will start or what the approximate release date of the film will be. To stay updated on upcoming news related to the project, keep following Tuttotek.