Goodram: introduces the new IRDM PRO M.2 SSD

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Due to the growing popularity and great customer interest in M.2 SSDs, Polish manufacturer GOODRAM introduces a brand new product

Here is theIRDM PRO M.2 PCIe by GOODRAM. Il modello SSD gen 4 x4 is the fastest data storage device in the line SSD IRDM. Choosing an SSD with an interface PCI Express is mainly supported by technical parameters, i.e. speed of writing, reading e consumption lower energy compared to other previously used technological solutions.

The difference in the use of these storage devices will be felt not only by professionals and give it passionate Of gamesbut also from the people who use a computer or a laptop for activities daily in the office or at home.

One of the possibilities offered by the new IRDM PRO M.2 drive is theincrease of storage space on console Of nona generation they support SSD with form factor M.2 2280which allows the user to expand your own collection of games without having to delete the ones you already have.

Goodram: introduces the new IRDM PRO M.2 SSD

IRDM PRO M.2 SSD: Equipped with an NVMe PCIe 4 x4 interface

The ultimate mass storage device SSD IRDM PRO M.2 It features a high speed PCIe 4 x4 NVMe interface. This solution enables twice the speed of generation 3 x4 products. The maximum read and write speeds of respectively 7000 MB / s e 6850 MB / s offer excellent performance and stability. A buffer DRAM additional up to 2 GB contributes to performance by ensuring that the unit remains stable even under heavy load.

The controller of the whole system is PS5018-E18a technologically advanced model provided by one of the best and most experienced manufacturers on the market, that is winds up. The controller E18 a otto channels is based on architecture ARM Cortex R5, and it is also compatible with the latest version of the protocol NVMewhich is 1.4. Unity IRDM PRO newly introduced is available in three capacities: 1, 2 e 4 TB. This is a response to the different needs of users of this type of products, from everyday solutions to professional applications, such as working with modeling 3D and theanimation or the rendering of images.

Goodram: introduces the new IRDM PRO M.2 SSD

IRDM: heat sink

The unit is distinguished not only by its own technologybut also for his own shape. The unique heatsink is an original design of the brand Polish in terms of design. It is made of one material solidhas a look aesthetic e stylistic which reflects the values ​​of the brand IRDM. At first glance, you can see that the brand cares about the consistency of its products.

The heat sink that combines elements opaque e transparencies, looks massive and further emphasizes the high quality of the entire device. By keeping the black color scheme, it refers to other products in the IRDM line and the whole design retains a style back with a touch modernreminiscent of the electronics design of the years 80. The heat sink is made of aluminum perfectly thermal conductor.

Goodram: introduces the new IRDM PRO M.2 SSD

Package Contents

L’SSD IRDM PRO M.2 it is sold in the packaging attributed to IRDM premium products. There packaging contains theunitthe heatsink heat and a kit of assembly composed of tinplate, year it’s a small screwdriver. The drive is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years limited by the parameter TBW.

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