TikTok will have a data center in Dublin

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Another step forward for the growth of TikTok. Soon the company will have a data center in Dublin to host UK and European Economic Area user data. As announced by the same company, “it is under construction with a third-party service provider, with the aim of starting operations at the beginning of 2023, and then gradually increasing operations over the course of the year”. Let’s go find out something more.

TikTok: A data center in Dublin is in the company’s plans

Currently, TikTok stores user data in both Singapore and the US. The company’s goal, however, is to change course. In the near future, in fact, TikTok will have a data center in Dublin. “This regional approach to data governance will allow us to align with European data sovereignty goals. At the same time we are minimizing the transfer of data out of the region in ways that allow us to preserve the global interoperability necessary to ensure that our users in Europe can stay connected with a community of over one billion users around the world. ” So he reports Roland Cloutier about the decision to open a data center in Europe.

“The commitment to get this data center up and running shortly is a further demonstration of our continued investments in Europe. We have thousands of employees across the region, active in a variety of areas ranging from managing relationships with brands and creators, e-commerce or music, to managing privacy, public policy, research and development and cybersecurity. In particular, we have announced permanent offices in two of our major global hubs, Dublin and London. And we are strengthening our local teams in France, Italy and Spain as we are developing our businesses in new markets such as Belgium and the Netherlands. The numerous initiatives to strengthen our activities and staff are tangible signs of how we are putting our commitment in Europe into practice ”.

In short, considering the success of TikTok in Europe, it is no wonder that the company wants a data center in Dublin.