GOODRAM PX500 review: low-cost SSD

GOODRAM SSD PX500 review. If you are looking for an economical product without sacrificing performance and durability, GOODRAM is for you

Today we will see a product of the brand GOODRAM, company belonging to the well-known group in the European panorama Wilk Elektronik, specializing in the production of memories. The Polish-based company has been designing and manufacturing SSDs and RAMs since 1991, with such reliability that it has achieved primacy as a memory manufacturer in Poland, and collaborations with Micron and Samsung.

The product in question is an SSD in M.2 format, it’s called GOODRAM SSD IRDM PX500, and features a respectable controller, this is the Silicon Motion SM2263XT, but no more chatter let’s get to the heart of the review.

GOODRAM PX500 review: low-cost SSD

Unboxing and specifications | GOODRAM SSD PX500 review

Essential and nothing more in the packaging of this product. L’SSD is in PCIe 3 × 4 format, NVMe 1.3, therefore no 4.0. GOODRAM wanted to produce a memory dedicated to those who have not yet upgraded hardware to the latest standards, but still want to maximize the performance of their machine.

Available in following cuts 256GB, 512GB, 1TB and 2TB, owns 5 year guarantee and technical support. The M.2 SSD in 2280 format, has an operating range from minus 45 ° up to 85 °, with an MTBF value of 1 800 000 hours.

GOODRAM PX500 review: low-cost SSD

The SSD mounts 3D TLC (Triple Level Cell) memories, therefore very cheap memories but which manage to support the everyday work that most people do. This is not the best choice for gaming in terms of durability, but we are still talking about performance that is good for a little bit of everything. GOODRAM, however, has sought the best possible compromise in this product, by inserting moduli SK Hynix it’s a memoria DRAM da 4GB DDR4-2400, it is a model always produced by SK Hynix, the model H5AN4G8NBJR. An economical choice but offering sufficient performance for everyday use. There SLC cache on the other hand is only 20 GB, which are in a bit few.

GOODRAM PX500 review: low-cost SSD

And in line with these production choices we also find the controller, a Silicon Motion SM2263XT, now released in far 2018. A high-performance controller featuring four cores with up to 8 CE (chip eneblers) on 8 channels. Made in 28 nanometers is from TSMC. The best choice for this type of product, which embraces the mid-range perfectly. The Controller is capable of working in sequential reading up to 3200 MB / s theoretical, and sequential writing up to 3000 MB / s. It will be like this? Let’s find out in the tests we carried out.

Our tests | GOODRAM SSD PX500 review

Test Bench used;

  • Case: Be Quiet! Silent Base 802
  • Motherboard: MSI MPG B550 Gaming Plus
  • Heatsink: Be Quiet! Silent Loop 2 360mm
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
  • GPU: Gigabyte 1050 TI
  • RAM: GOODRAM IRDM Pro H.W. 16GB 3600MHz

Before diving into the lyrics it is good to remember that SSD or Hard Disk performance are classified using two main and different parameters: the sequential speed, which indicates the theoretical maximum speed with which data is read or written to the disk sequentially and the IOPS (operations of input / output per second) which instead indicate the speed with which the data is read or written in a random way, using small files of 4KB. The sequential speed is expressed in MB / s (Megabyte per second) or GB / s (Gigabyte per second), while the IOPS are expressed in number (ie the maximum number of input and output operations that the unit can “handle “Every second). In the daily use of an SSD or Hard Disk, the value of the IOPS is also very important both as a real performance indicator and as a drive life. The use of some certain software returns very reliable values ​​in this field.

GOODRAM PX500 review: low-cost SSD

GOODRAM SSD IRDM M.2 in azione con CrystalDiskMark

The next test was performed with CrystalDiskMark, to measure maximum theoretical sequential read / write performance with random data of various sizes.

GOODRAM SSD IRDM M.2 performed well, but it’s not first-class performance. In fact, we are talking about a value of just 2040 MB in reading, e less than 2000 MB in writing.

GOODRAM PX500 review: low-cost SSD

GOODRAM SSD IRDM M.2 in action with Atto Disk Benchmark

I then submitted IRDM M.2 to the software Atto Disk Benchmark. One of the best tools available for measuring storage performance. Famous for being very reliable, it produces very accurate results. With ATTO we can test building block sizes. So we can test with a sequence of 32MB of 4KB files, but also 32MB in 1MB files. Which is the most important and difficult task for any storage drive, which is to write very small files quickly.

Here, too, the data obtained are sufficient, on the reading front we have acceptable performance, with all the file cuts used. In writing we can observe with 32KB file write speeds of 1.70GB / s.

GOODRAM PX500 review: low-cost SSD

GOODRAM SSD IRDM M.2 in action with HD Tune Pro

The last test I did was with HD Tune Pro, a professional tool also used by companies in the sector. It allows you to scan hard drives for errors and thoroughly analyze various data and performance aspects from the storage drive under consideration.

The first test was carried out in the section File Benchmark, to measure the read and write performance of files with different block sizes ranging from 0.5KB to 8192KB (x-axis), a very demanding test for these drives. Once again we are faced with incredible performance.

With 512 KB files we have respectively read / write values ​​of about 1780 MB / s and about 1800 MB / s, e with 8192 KB files in reading / writing respectively values ​​of approx 1690 MB / s e 1740 MB / s. We can then observe in the upper graph (always in the File Benchmark section) a writing and reading phase that is still sufficiently efficient in terms of performance.

The second test was made in the section Random Access, to measure the IOPS value. In this test we see that for files from 1MB the IOPS value is 2109, with a relative avg. speed equal to about 2109.051 ms.

GOODRAM PX500 review: low-cost SSD


GOODRAM IRDM M.2 is a fast SSD with good thermal performance at an affordable price, but it is not one of the fastest choices on the market. It is specifically designed for those who have no particular needs and requirements. If you need better speed or a cheaper price, you can consider GOODRAM’s competitors from the list above. The 250 GB model can be found for less than 45 Euros, availability permitting.

During use, on the other hand, the degrees fluctuated in a range from 43 to 50 degrees, therefore quite normal. If you want to continue to know the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from

For those on a budget

Points in favor

  • Price
  • Reading speed
  • Stability
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