Goodyear and TNO: the true revolution of intelligent tires

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Goodyear and TNO have announced that the use of Goodyear SightLine intelligent tires in advanced braking systems has the potential to reduce stopping distances by more than five feet. Let’s find out together how this can become reality!

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, a leader in connected mobility, and TNO, a Dutch research organization, have proposed new unprecedented horizons for improving vehicle safetytaking advantage of intelligent tire technology in combination with the electronics of anti-lock braking system (ABS) of a vehicle being tested. ABS is an important and ubiquitous safety device in modern vehicles, designed to assist the driver during braking phases more extreme.

Goodyear and TNO: the true revolution of intelligent tires

In the photo: a traditional ABS system.

The objective of this device is obviously to reduce braking distances as much as possible and maintain the correct alignment of the car’s trim. Through joint tests carried out on a test vehicle, Goodyear and TNO clearly demonstrated how an ABS system, equipped with information on the type of tire and its operating conditions, it can potentially reduce braking distances by up to 1.75 metres compared to conventional systems.

Goodyear and TNO: common goal of reducing accidents

The ultimate goal of this integration is the very important and admirable goal of help try to avoid accidents and reduce the severity of collisions, for greater safety for all road users. Goodyear and TNO began collaborating in 2021through joint research and development programs to evaluate and quantify effectiveness effectiveness of implementing ABS technology through the use of additional technologies integrated into the tyres.

Goodyear and TNO: the true revolution of intelligent tires

One of the most eloquent tests involved the comparison between a conventional vehicle and a vehicle equipped with 205/55R16 winter tires and advanced ABS system with Sightline, performed at 80 km/h on dry asphalt. The result could only reiterate how the integration of intelligent tires and braking systems can contribute substantially and effectively to reducing the risk of accidents and, essentially, to save human lives.

Goodyear and TNO: the true revolution of intelligent tires

Not just safety: also savings and ecology!

However, the innovation doesn’t stop here either: the ecological aspect is also taken into serious consideration, given that Goodyear SightLine can contribute to more correct tire management. Advanced algorithms enable this electronic suite complete and constant monitoring of conditions of the tyre, the vehicle and the road surface. The potential of Goodyear’s research in intelligent tire technologies is ready to revolutionize the future of mobilitypromoting increasingly intelligent, responsible and sustainable vehicle management.

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