Google accidentally shows the new Nest security cameras

Google mostra per errore le nuove telecamere di sicurezza Nest thumbnail

Google accidentally showed the security cameras Nest, which has yet to announce. Right on his American online store he put one in plain sight Nest Cam a batteria, one with a projector lamp and even a new one Battery-powered Nest Doorbell. And everything suggests that they could come very, very soon.

Google accidentally shows Nest security cameras

In addition to showing the images of the new devices on the page dedicated to the smart home of the Google site, clicking on “Buy” takes you to a section dedicated to the devices, even if it does not show the price to the American public. So we will have to wait to know all the technical details and costs to be incurred. But the fact that there are already links on the site and everything is ready to start deliveries makes us think about an upcoming release for the security cameras and the video intercom from Google.

google nest cam security cameras-min

The new additions will ensure a much more complete security package for Google’s smart home ecosystem. For the time being, the company owned by Amazon, Ring, ensures the widest variety of battery powered video door phones, projector light cameras. A complete package that rivals products such as Eufy e Arlo. Google would invest in a very competitive market but with the strength of his voice assistant, present on many smartphones, it has excellent growth opportunities. Enlarging your portfolio therefore seems a necessary move for the company.

This is not the first time that Google has detected its products on the e-commerce site in advance. It unveiled the Nest Hub Max weeks before the announcement. So, although the company refuses to comment, it seems that even in this case there is little time left for the official announcement of these new products of the Big G home ecosystem.

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