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Google aims to make shopping on the Play Store easier, here’s how

Google aims to make shopping on the Play Store easier by users who have not set up a payment system and, in particular, for the little ones. With the new mechanism Purchase Requestsin fact, parents will be able to atry their children’s purchase requests via a multi-device real-time notification mechanism. Here are the details:

Google introduces Purchase Requests to simplify payments through the Play Store

The mechanism introduced by Google provides a real-time notification system to approve payments for purchases through the Play Store. In this way, children will be able to make purchases with the full supervision of their parents. The system works in a very simple way and is valid both for purchases of applications or other content from the Play Stores and for in-app purchases.

Once your child has made a purchase request, the parent will receive a notification on their smartphone. To complete your purchase and payment, so, the parent will have to approve the transaction. Only in this way, the content can be purchased from the child’s account.

Note that it will also be possible to leave the request pending to evaluate it later. The new system was described by Google via its blog. The mechanism for purchases through the Google Play Store will be available to all users soon.

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