Google allows you to restrict ads with sensitive content

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As early as December 2020 YouTube began allowing users to restrict advertising related to alcohol and gambling. Apparently, now the tech giant has decided to extend those limits to other sensitive categories. So let’s see how Google thinks it can best manage the distribution of its Ads.

Google Ads: Users can now restrict sensitive content

About two years ago, in the US, Google introduced YouTube users to restrict ads promoting alcohol and gambling. An option that then became available all over the world, and which the tech giant is now making available for its Display Network as well. Indeed, on the occasion, three other ad categories will be added that users can choose to limit – both on YouTube and on Google -: pregnancy and parenting, dating e loss of body weight.

Google Ads sensitive content

How to choose to limit these categories of Ads on Google? Simply by accessing the Settings and clicking on “Select less” where necessary. “People want more control over their ad experience, including blocking ads or categories they prefer not to see. Providing transparency and control has always been a priority for us, so we’re expanding our tools, allowing for the choice of seeing fewer pregnancy and parenting announcements, dating and weight loss. We will continue to listen to user feedback and study in which categories to expand this functionality in the future. ” So he commented on the function Karin Hennessy by Google.

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