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Online photo albums: from the cover to the design, personalizing them is always easier and more fun

Creating an online photo album is a very simple and above all fun and rewarding job. And it can be done totally online! Let’s see how

If we can say with certainty that the world of photography knows no crisis it is because he has figured out how to adapt; from the photo with film of many years ago we have passed in everyday life to digital and still to those made via smartphone. Although the quality is not bad at all, what has changed is the way of printing the images: it is no longer what it used to be, even if in recent years there has been a return to longing for photo albums. To reveal it is ilfotoalbum, specialized portal that stands out with excellent offers, print quality and variety. Ilfotoalbum to print your photo album is certainly an excellent choice; you can in fact take advantage of exclusive promotions and customize the books as you see fit, ranging for different types of covers and layouts.

If the One-time albums had a pre-printed layout and the images were pasted later adding a small caption by hand, today’s ones are in digital format and have photos printed with incredibly professional quality being able to collect more than 100 pages as needed.

Online photo albums: from the cover to the design, personalizing them is always easier and more fun

Step by step online photo album: how to personalize it

  • Choose the reference portal. As mentioned, we recommend the photo album which stands out for its excellent value for money.
  • Choose the design. At this point, browse the website trying to identify which type of style can do for you; you can choose layouts, themes, covers and other details that can make your project truly unique.
  • Choose the story you want to tell. Photo albums become a means of communication in which you can take advantage of the storytelling technique; retracing a moment, a trip or a party years later will be easier with a narrative vein.
  • Select the images. It is perhaps one of the most demanding and complicated jobs, it can take some time but if done with care it can make a difference. Create a folder on Desktop and try to carefully select the images by making a selection, do not focus on quantity but on quality. And just about quality, pay attention to the images exchanged via WhatsApp or those edited with smartphone applications. After selecting them, just put them in chronological order and make sure that everything makes sense in the story.

Why make an online photo album: what are the advantages

There are so many reasons why you should consider printing an online photo album; the first is undoubtedly the convenience: compared to other forms it is certainly cheaper. The second reason, however, is given by the print quality: specialized websites have state-of-the-art printers and machinery available to guarantee professional and impeccable final results.

You will make your memories immortal and sorted without the risk of losing images; keeping everything on Cloud leads you not to take up physical space but in reality the digital world still has the possibility of damage and data loss. In case this happens you could still count on your favorite photos printed and archived. It is also about a great gift idea; on special occasions, for example for grandparents’ day, giving a photo album with the favorite shots of the grandchildren is a great idea… and this is just an example!

Also for the wedding sector, creating an online photo album can be an excellent idea: first of all you can save money compared to the album created directly by the photographer, secondly you can choose how to write the story. You can in fact use the high quality images made by the professional but you can also add some shots made by the guests to make everything even more engaging and memorable.

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