Google annuncia una serie di novità a tutela della privacy dei minorenni thumbnail

Google announces a series of news to protect the privacy of minors

Google announced a series of changes and news for your services designed for protect the privacy of minors. The news to come are different and will concern both the search engine and the use of YouTube, a real reference for watching videos among the youngest. Also noteworthy is a series of news on ad targeting for young people.

Lots of news from Google for the protection of minors

Google is preparing to renew its services with a series of innovations designed to protect the youngest. The company will increase security measures for prevent age-sensitive ad categories from showing to teens. It should also be noted that the company has confirmed that will block ad targetingi based on age, gender and interests of users Under 18. Users under the age of 18 (or their parents or guardians) will be able to request the removing their images from the results of Google Images.

News also for YouTube

Regarding YouTube, Google announced the activation of a reminders for pauses and disabling auto play for minors. Note that uploading videos for users between 13 and 17 will have like setting default the character private videos.

In a statement, Google points out: “In the coming months, we will also be launching additional parental controls in the YouTube Kids app, including the ability for a parent to choose an autoplay setting, initially defaulted as blocked.”

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