Google announces (finally) the Pixel Fold

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After many waits, rumors and denials, it has finally arrived. Google posted a short video that he does from official announcement of Pixel Fold, the company’s first brochure. Will reveal more details during the Google I/O 2023the keynote of 10 maggio which will start at 19 Italian.

Pixel Fold, official announcement of the Google fold

It is confirmed: Google will unveil its first foldable smartphone, the Pixel Fold, at the Google I/O 2023 conference next week and has already made an official announcement. Google has not yet announced the features of the device, but posted a short video. Without further ado (since Google itself has already made us wait a long time, which was thought to launch the Fold last year), here it is:

The video arrives on May 4, “May the Fourth” in English, with Google playing the game by calling the video “May the Fold.” Which we don’t think will become a celebration that replaces Star Wars Day, but which Pixel smartphone lovers will certainly remember.

Video shows a phone with an external screen that takes up the entire surface and opens like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold models. There rear camera has a similar design to other Pixels but it’s less protruding, as can be seen in leaked promo materials and even a test video.

A true top of the range

The video does not show the characteristics of the device. But according to leaks on CNBC in April, the Pixel Fold will have one 7.6-inch internal screen and a 5.8-inch external one. The images show rather large frames, especially on the internal one. But this could help the solidity of the device: after all, there is more than enough screen.

According to information circulated in recent months, it will also have a processor Google Tensor G2, like the rest of the latest generation Pixel range. It appears to weigh 283 grams, in line with several other foldables in this format. And it will have “the sturdiest hinge on a foldout,” although we’ll have to figure out how Google can back up that definition.

At the moment it is not known which cameras will be present on the device: the layout resembles that of the Pixel 7 Pro, suggesting that it may have the same (excellent) photographic department. And then we know that with Google often makes the difference software: at next week’s event we will find out what “magic” the Mountain View company has in store.

A flagship price

According to what has recently emerged, Pixel Fold will be the most expensive smartphone ever. Apparently it will come at a price that will exceed $1,700. Samsung’s latest foldable, the Z Fold 4, launched for $1,799.

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The launch of the Fold was already expected last year, but the device was not presented at I / O in 2022 and the rumors about its arrival did not stop in the following year. Google has been working to make Android apps compatible with foldable devices and larger screens, which could come in handy next week with the debut of this device and the new Pixel Tablet.

On the Google Store there is a page that allows you to sign up to receive more information once the device will be officially unveiled on May 10. We will keep you updated with all the news. Including an essential point: Will it also arrive in Italy?