Samsung shows One UI Watch 5: sleep better to live better

Samsung mostra One UI Watch 5: dormire meglio per vivere meglio thumbnail

Samsung Electronics he announced One UI Watch 5the new software that will arrive on the devices Galaxy Watch in the next months. The software is designed to deliver more personalized and intuitive health experiences. And it includes news that help you sleep better – a fundamental factor for people’s well-being. And then various functions for fitness and safety.

One UI Watch 5, the new update from Samsung for Galaxy Watch

Hon Pak, Vice President and Head of Digital Health Team, MX Business of Samsung Electronics, explains that the update focuses heavily on people’s well-being.

“Samsung is committed to providing a complete health experience and enabling users to achieve their health goals. Now more than ever, we believe it all starts with a quality night’s rest. The new One UI Watch 5 continues our ongoing commitment to helping people get better sleep, so they can start each day fully recharged and ready for another day.”

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Samsung has focused its attention on three key aspects for better sleep: the knowledge of one’s sleep rhythms, the formation of healthy habits and the creation of an environment suitable for rest. One UI Watch 5 offers these aspects for a more complete sleep experience.

Galaxy Watch 5

The new user interface of Sleep information shows the user’s sleep score in a simple way to give a more in-depth view of the night’s rest that has just ended. There are also related metrics comand sleep stages, snoring hours, and blood oxygen levels.

Also, the function Sleep guide – personalized based on eight different sleep types – is now fully accessible directly on the Galaxy Watch and on the paired smartphone.

Creating a comfortable environment can make all the difference in the quality of sleep, and even minor disruptions can have a significant impact. For this reason Samsung has made it easier connect your Galaxy Watch to a variety of devices. Once the Galaxy Watch detects that the user has fallen asleep, SmartThings allows him to turn off connected devices to create a more sleep-friendly environment. The mode Rest quickly mute notifications and dim the user’s phone and smartwatch screens, and One UI Watch 5 extends this function.

Rest and activity

There are also many fitness news arriving on the Galaxy Watch. Like the function Custom heart rate zones. This function allows you to set five levels of training intensity. The feature is based on a percentage of your maximum heart rate, which varies according to your age and fitness level.

For lovers of outdoor activities, the Galaxy Watch Pro it also offers other features, such as the function Itinerarywhich now also supports running and walking, as well as cycling and hiking.

Also new for safety. Like the function SOS that allows you to call an emergency number and send your location, as well as showing the medical information of the wearer of the watch. Furthermore, the Rfall detection it is activated by default for older users to prevent dangerous situations.

One UI Watch 5 will be available on the new series of Galaxy Watch later this year.