Google Bard si aggiorna: ecco tutte le novità per l'IA thumbnail

Google Bard is updated with many new features

On the occasion of Google I/O, the American company announced the arrival of lots of news for Google Bard. Google’s AI-powered assistant, which launched a few months ago, won’t stop its growth. Here are all the new arrivals.

Google Bard doesn’t stop: new functions and new languages ​​are coming soon

Google has confirmed an expansion of the availability of Bard che, over the next few weeks, will be accessible in an increasing number of countries. It should also be noted that Google’s AI chatbot will be able to count on support for a greater number of languages ​​(currently Bard speaks English, Japanese and Korean). Soon, Google Assistant will be able to talk in over 40 languages, including Italian.

Among the new arrivals are the visual responses. Google Bard will be able to respond by including images and videos to offer users more detailed and accurate information. Also note that Bard will be able to export responses to Gmail and Google Docs, in order to integrate more and more with the entire ecosystem of company services.

Google also aims to integrate various applications with Bard, to make your chat more and more complete and effective. Partners cited by the company include Kayak, OpenTable, ZipRecruiter, Instacart, Wolfram and Khan Academy as well as Adobe. All the details regarding the future of Bard are available on the official blog.

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