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Google brings Chrome OS to PC and Mac too

Google announces a new version of its computer operating system: Chrome OS Flexwhich you can also install on PC and Mac. According to the company, it takes “a few minutes” to install the operating system on your computer.

Google Chrome OS Flex, also installable on PC and Mac

According to Google itself, the new operating system is built on the same code as the base version of Chrome OS and will be updated with the same deadline. The difference is that it will also be installed on PC and Mac, with the possibility of reviving old computers.

Some of the features will depend on the hardware present. So the ability to call up the Google Assistant at any time or synchronize with your Android smartphone may not work.

google chrome os flex pc mac-min

Google is investing heavily in ways to bring its operating system to older and third-party computers as well. He recently bought the company Neverwarewhich previously sold an application called CloudReady to turn old PCs into devices with Chrome OS.

Since the acquisition, Google says it has “worked hard to integrate the benefits of CloudReady into a new version of Chrome OS.” This appears to be the first step in this direction.

For now, the operating system is only available in early access (which could lead to a few bugs too many). You can download it on the Chrome Enterprise website and load the operating system directly from a USB stick, to try it out before installing it on your PC or Mac.

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