Nothing Smartphone Coming? Carl Pei’s cryptic tweets

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Carl Pei, OnePlus co-founder posted some cryptic tweets suggesting that Nothing be ready to throw one smartphone on the market. After the success of thee Ear (1) last year, which introduced the company to all technology enthusiasts, a smartphone could arrive Android with processor Qualcomm.

Nothing Smartphone could arrive soon: here are the tweets of Carl Pei

Nothing is working on several “new products”, as reported by the same company. The launch of the true wireless headphones last year convinced them to invest in new products. Even more expensive and therefore risky to launch.

And following the conversation (no doubt orchestrated) between Carl Pei, Android and Qualcomm, it should be a smartphone or at most a tablet. To the tweet “Back on Android “ by Pei, who reiterates with an “Android 12 is nice!”, answers the Android account directly. That says “We have a lot to tell each other, Carl“. At this point the account of Qualcomm intervenes, which publishes a muscular handshake (a la Predator) to three.

Corporate Twitter accounts are increasingly pointing to direct interactions, and perhaps Pei just meant that he bought a new smartphone running Android 12. But it seems unlikely that this series of tweets was not organized at the table. This suggests that it has already been a deal for a smartphone from Nothing, with Qualcomm processor.

A few months ago the VP of Nothing India, Manu Sharmahad announced that the company had accelerated production by at least five devices, which would arrive soon. Some of these could be accessories, such as the Power (1), the power bank that has been talked about in recent months. But after the statements on Twitter we expect the announcement of a smartphone: like this Nothing it might indeed have an ecosystem of its own.

For us fans, the launch could be particularly interesting. In fact already with the Ear (1) the company had adopted the tattica del ‘flaship killer’ with which OnePlus was born. Top specifications, refined design but affordable price. If even in this case Nothing Smartphone should it give up something to lower the price, it could rewrite the rules of the mid-range.

We expect an announcement soon, we will keep you informed.