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Google buys Alter, a company specializing in digital avatars

Google announced the acquisition of Alter, a startup, formerly known as Facemoji, specializing in creation of digital avatars with the support of artificial intelligence. The operation, which has already been completed for some time, was announced in these hours and cost Google about 100 million dollars even if the exact amount has not been confirmed by the company

Google focuses on digital avatars and buys the startup Alter

With the purchase of Alter, Google is aiming for improve its tools to be made available to users and developers for content creation. The goal is to expand the presence in the social sector, compete with companies such as TikTok, also by strengthening the YouTube service which aims to grow significantly with the Shorts.

Alter, which is headquartered in both the US and Europe, in the Czech Republic, offers developers a number of tools to simplify the introduction of systems for creating avatars within their applications. In the past, the startup was funded by Twitter while today it joins Google companies.

We will see, in the near future, how Alter will contribute to the growth of Google. For the American company, the investment of around 100 million dollars is certainly sustainable and the operation can be seen as a new bet for the future.

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