Telegram testa una nuova funzione che bypassa gli acquisti in-app di Apple su iOS thumbnail

Telegram tests a new feature that Apple could block

Telegram tests a new feature that bypasses Apple's in-app purchases on iOS thumbnail

Between news in the test phase of Telegram there is a new function which allows the channel managers to introduce paid posts that is, messages that can only be unlocked upon payment of an amount set by the owner himself. This new feature is also being tested in Telegram’s iOS app. The interesting part of the test is that the system used for payment is not the one for Apple’s in-app purchasesmandatory on iOS and which involves a 30% commission in favor of the Cupertino house.

Telegram tests a system for in-app purchases but the new function bypasses the payment with Apple

At the moment, it is not clear how Telegram intends to introduce such a system in the release phase of the new functionality currently under test. It is likely that at the end of the test the payment system that Apple obliges developers to use will be introduced (with relative commission of 30%).

The new function being developed by Telegram is certainly interesting. It is a system that allows the owner of a channel to be able post paid content. Users will then be able to access these contents only through an in-app purchase.

At the moment, in any case, Telegram has not yet officially announced the arrival of this new feature. We will know more, for sure, over the next few weeks when the lyrics should wrap up.

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