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Google buys Raxium, the MicroLED display company

Today the head of the hardware of GoogleRick Osterloh, confirmed that the company acquired Raxiuma five-year startup with tecnologia MicroLED which could be the key to building one new generation of augmented reality headsets, virtual e for example. Let’s find out all the details together.

Google buys Raxium

The Raxium team spent five years a create miniature high resolution displaysconvenient and efficient from the point of view energetic that laid the foundation for the future display technologies. Raxium’s technical expertise in this area will play a key role as Google continues to invest in its hardware efforts.

This acquisition adds to the evidence that the Google’s next big AR move it is getting closer and closer. The company previously acquired the North eyewear manufacturer and it is said that it is hiring engineers to build a augmented reality operating system.

Furthermore, in January Google Labs is building a vAR isore called “Project Iris”, under the same management of Project Starline. When The Information first reported Google’s purchase of Raxium, it noted that the tecnologia MicroLED it might be useful for building display ARmore energy efficient devices than other solutions but still colored.

As for the competition, Microsoft has already provided a augmented reality device con HoloLenswhile Apple, Meta, Snap and others stand investing heavily to create the own hardware personal.

At the moment we have no further information regarding theacquisition of Google and its future projects. So we just have to wait for confirmations e Announcements by the company.

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