House of BMW in Milan, the events for the Salone del Mobile

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House of BMW a Milano during the Salone del Mobiland turns into an experimental artistic space. Indeed from 7 to 12 June you can attend installations, performances, workshops and debates curated by Mike Meiré. An encounter between art and technology in the heart of Milan with “House of BMW: In residence Mike Meiré – Tales from a Neo Collective Future“.

House of BMW in Milan becomes a space for art and innovation

During the six days of the event we will be able to see how the artists perform Botter, Claudia Rafael and Anna Deller-Yee interpret the spirit of the times. An investigation into digitization made up of installations and performances. But also an open space that becomes an agora for the discussion between artists and patrons.

Curator Mike Meiré explains “As a collective of artists, we want to create one production space in which to start dreaming and then create together “. The fashion creations of BUTTER combine art and environmental awareness. claudia rafael brings together human interface and technology, uses filters to question the very concept of beauty. Anna Deller-Yee combines visual and narrative elements of fashion with painting.

Per Massimiliano Di Silvestre, President and CEO of BMW Italy, House of BMW with these artists can become a meeting point between different realities. “Here, technology, design, beauty and innovation share the stage with sustainability and circularity. And in the center, something we have rediscovered the importance of in recent years: ithe value of interpersonal relationships. “

According to Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President of BMW Group Design, the context of the Salone del Mobile is perfect for a combination of art and technology of this kind. “For a designer, art can be a source of inspiration to think in a truly radical way about innovation. Design is, in a sense, the combination of art and technology. The Salone del Mobile is a stimulating context in which we can rediscover this symbiosis again and again ”.

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All these values ​​are also embodied by BMW i Vision Circular, the electric four-seater model that uses the circular economy as a defining element of design.

You will be able to see this sensitivity from the face at House of BMW in Via Verri 10 in Milan from 7 to 12 June.

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