Google cancels foldable Pixel (never announced)

Pixel Fold, il pieghevole di Google sta per arrivare thumbnail

While Google had never announced it, in the last period there has been a lot of rumors about a Foldable Pixel coming, which instead seems be deleted. Sources inside the Mountain View company reported that Google has decided to bury the project.

Google cancels the foldable Pixel, which it never announced

In recent weeks, rumors around the tech giant had reported the existence of a project for a foldable smartphone. It was supposed to become the Google Pixel Fold, arriving in the first half of 2022 on the market. But this leaflet does not have to be done.

According to Ross Young, who cites sources inside the supply chain for Google’s Pixel screens, the company would have canceled the upcoming product. The insider then confirmed the news citing other sources close to the project.

It seems that Google was not ready to compete directly with Samsung at the same price as the Fold 3. But another hypothesis that is gaining momentum is that of the problems of too high prices for components, which would pose too great a risk for Google right now.

Young explains that: “Our sources indicate that Google believes the product would not be competitive enough. They have probably realized that competing with Samsung in Europe and the US in this small niche of the market, with higher costs than their main competitor, it would be a doom for the project“.

Google would have liked to launch this device together with Android 12L, a version of the operating system for tablets and foldables. Google will in all likelihood take more time to develop the system while waiting for the best time to launch its own Pixel Fold on the market. We will keep you informed for any news regarding this topic.