Google celebrates the Tokyo Olympics with a new Doodle

Google celebra le Olimpiadi di Tokyo con un nuovo Doodle thumbnail

Google celebrates the start of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with a new DoodlAnd. By logging in to the search engine, in fact, it will be possible to discover the homage made by the American house to the new edition of the Olympic Games that kick off, with the opening ceremony, during the day today (although some competitions have already started in recent days). The Doodgle pays homage to Japanese video games by inviting sports fans to visit “the island of champions “.

Google presents a new Doodle to pay homage to the start of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The new Doodle created by Google for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is a real one homage to the Japanese videogame world and titles such as Pokémon. By logging in to the Google search engine it will be possible to activate the mini game included in today’s Doodle and visit what is called the island of champions.

The features of the mini game

The Doodle di Google brings users to the island of champions, characterized by a look very similar to that of the Pokémon games of a few years ago. On this island it is possible to try several mini games, from ping pong to climbing as well as talking to some characters and exploring the island. To move, just use the directional arrows on your keyboard while you can use the space bar to interact.

Recall that the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games officially start today, with the copening ceremony. For the next two weeks, the Japanese city will become the center of the sports world with many competitions to follow.