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The return to the presence of Milan Image Art Fair with many new features

Milan Image Art Fair, the most important Italian fair dedicated to photography, is back in attendance with a new venue, two new sections and a panel of 90 galleries. To these are added 50 exhibitors divided between publishing, design and special projects.

Milan Image Art Fair returns after the cancellation of the 2020 edition

All ready for the return of Milan Image Art Fair (MIA) which, after the cancellation of the 2020 edition, will be held in the Milanese city from 7 to 10 October 2021. The event, which brings together photography enthusiasts and professionals, will be held in attendance. It will be a very special edition, starting from the image of the event, coordinated by the British photographer Rankin. The latter has always distinguished himself, during his long career, for the bold approach behind the lens. An inspiration capable of giving life to incisive images, portraits that are fully part of contemporary iconography. To give a “new” face to the fair, Rankin used the images taken from his Saved by the Bell project.

A new edition for a new headquarters

To celebrate its 10th year of activity, MIA Fair has chosen to move to a new location: al SUPERSTUDIO MAXI a Milano (via Moncucco 35), in the Famagosta area, which is preparing to become one of the poles of photography in the city. The 7,000 m² of exhibition space will offer the opportunity to further expand the disciplinary fields of MIA Fair.

Phygital technology at the service of the Milan Image Art Fair

The Main Section, the heart of the fair, today presents itself with a panel of 90 galleries, both Italian and foreign. Visiting the Milan Image Art Fair will also be possible from the website. In fact, with phygital technology, the offline world will be connected with the online one, for a complete customer experience. Virtual users will thus be able to view the works in the various artichettonic environments, as well as interact digitally through chats.

Among the many surprises of the event there are also two new sections. The first is MIDA (Milan Image Design Art), which will be dedicated to projects that create a dialogue between photography and design. This first section includes 11 exhibitors.

Two new sections: MIDA and Beyond Photography

Among the many surprises of MIA Fair, they are worth mentioning two new sections. The first is MIDA – Milan Image Design Art, dedicated to projects that create a dialogue between photography and design and account 11 exhibitors. Inside there will also be Parallel, an exhibition curated by Mosca&Partners, by Valerio Castelli and Caterina Mosca. It also comes back Beyond Photography, after the success of the 2019 edition. The format aims to underline what ‘photography’ means today, especially in relation to the world of contemporary art. The new section Beyond Photography – Dialogue, clean yes Domenico de Chirico. This is reserved for galleries with an activity focused on promoting the most recent generations of international artists, whose exhibition project stands as a dialogue between photography and a single work made with other media such as sculpture, installation, painting and video.

New Post Photography: two exhibitions and a new award

MIA Fair also offers the award New Post Photography which is aimed at promoting the most creative trends and artistic research in the world of contemporary photography. The jury has selected 34 authors – 15 for the first edition and 19 for the second – whose projects will be presented in two separate exhibitions – one for the 2021 edition and one for the 2020 edition, which could not be set up , due to the pandemic.

The jury is composed of: Gabi Scardi (critic and curator of contemporary art, artistic director of the Nctm and art project), Gigliola Foschi (curator, teacher, member of the Scientific Committee of MIA Fair), Paolo Agliardi (architect, collector , founder of CAP contemporary art projects), Carlo Sala (curator, teacher, artistic director of the Photo Open Up Festival and member of the curatorial committee of the Francesco Fabbri Onlus Foundation), Giorgio Zanchetti (art historian, teacher, curator, board member Board of Directors of MUFOCO) and by Claudio Composti, new member of the 2021 jury (gallery owner and curator)

The New Post Photography exhibition will also be hosted in Bratislava thanks to the partnership with Moon Photos (Month of Photography) of Bratislava (Slovakia), founded in 1992 and edited by Vaclav Macek. The thirty-first edition of Mesiac Fotografie will be held from 2 to 20 November with a calendar of 30 events, including editorial presentations, film screenings, conferences and exhibitions, focusing on artists from Central and Eastern Europe.

Milan Image Art Fair e i partner

For the tenth consecutive year, BNL BNP Paribas Group is a partner of MIA Fair in the role of Main Sponsor. BNL will promote the BNL BNP Paribas Group Award, the most important of the event. The event also enjoys the support of Eberhard & Co., which has accompanied MIA Fair for 9 years. The brand, in the 2021 edition, presents itself with a new project with iO Donna, curated by Renata Ferri, journalist and photo editor of the newspaper. This is the exhibition The long goodbye. Stories of our emigrants from boom Italy. This is made with vintage photographs of Italian emigration in the immediate postwar period from the archives of the RCS Periodici Documentation Center, the RCS Quotidiani Documentation Center and the Corriere della Sera Foundation.

The exhibition project makes use of a precious text by Gian Antonio Stella, columnist for the Corriere della Sera and profound connoisseur of the history and stories of our emigrants. The objective is an invitation to reflect on the phenomenon of emigration since, in the last century, Italians left the country in search of new opportunities, to our present in which Italy is the first landing on the migrant routes ”.

The full program is available on the website.