Google Cloud ha presentato un nuovo supercomputer progettato per l'IA thumbnail

Google Cloud introduces a new supercomputer designed for AI

Google Cloud unveiled a new supercomputer designed for AI thumbnail

Google Cloud just unveiled the new A3 supercomputer. It is a project, available for now only through private previews, designed to make the most of artificial intelligence and to be used fortraining of machine learning systems.

Google Cloud A3: the new supercomputer for artificial intelligence

At the base of the project are the 4th generation Xeon Scalable CPUand and the NVIDIA H1000 Tensor Core GPU. The project created by Google in collaboration with its partners represents a significant step forward compared to the previous model, A2.

This new Google Cloud supercomputer, in fact, is able to arrive fine to 26 exaFlops as regards theprocessing of calculations related to AI activities. This is a very high value and much higher than what A2 is capable of doing.

The generational leap is so remarkable that A3 is able to make calculations up to 30 times faster of its predecessor. A solution of this type allows, according to the company, to significantly reduce the time it takes to train machine learning modelswith considerable cost savings.

Over the next few months it will be possible to have a more precise idea of ​​the capabilities of the new supercomputer. We are certainly facing a very important generational leap forward that could guarantee the start of a new era for machine learning. For all the details about the new project, you can consult the official Google Cloud blog.

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