La rete WINDTRE passa sotto il controllo del fondo svedese Eqt thumbnail

The WINDTRE network acquired by the Swedish fund Eqt

Eqt Infrastructure announced that it has reached an agreement for the acquisitionthrough Investor AB, of a stake of 60% in the new company which will have the control and management of the WINDTRE fixed and mobile network, operator born from the merger of Wind and Tre and point of reference in the telecommunications sector in Italy. Here are the details of the operation announced today.

Eqt Infrastructure will control the WINDTRE network

The Swedish company Eqt Infrastructure has acquired the majority of the new company that will control the fixed and mobile network of WINDTRE which is therefore preparing to be the protagonist of a real spin-off. The value of the operation is 3.4 billion euros.

The new company will provide wholesale connectivity services to WINDTRE itself as well as to various other operators in the telephony sector in Italy. In fact, therefore, Eqt Infrastructure will have control of the new company which will manage a significant part of the national grid infrastructure.

The goal of the new company is also to increase the diffusion of 5G which, according to the latest data, today reaches 67% of the population (at least as regards the WINDTRE network) but which still has considerable room for improvement.

The remaining 40% of the new company that will manage the WINDTRE network remains under the control of CK Hutchison, a company behind the WindTre group, present on the Italian market with the WINDTRE, WINDTRE Business and Very Mobile brands.

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