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Google Cloud: New AI tools for merchants

Google Cloud he introduced four new AI technologies designed to help i Merchants: from the management of warehouses in physical stores to the optimization of the showcases of e-commerce sites. Why modern retailers have to sell both online and offline.

Google Cloud, four AI tools designed for merchants

“Recent changes have reshaped the retail landscape and the tools retailers need to be more efficient, more attractive to their customers and less exposed to future shocks,” he explains. Carrie Tharp, VP of Retail and Consumer, Google Cloud.

According to the executive, “Despite the uncertainty, the retail sector offers enormous opportunities. Tomorrow’s leaders will be those who tackle today’s most pressing challenges, in-store and online, using the latest technology tools, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning“.

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The first tool for shopkeepers concerns warehouse management: a new shelf control tool powered by Google Cloud AI. By comparing images from webcams and cameras, placed at any angle, it allows you to identify the products and ensure that the shelves are well stocked.

A new feature of Discovery Solutions allows you to use machine learning to order the windows on e-commerce sites, in order to show the products also based on the probability of sale. And with AI-powered personalization of searches, Google Cloud learns clicks, cart and other information to provide results and navigation created especially for users.

Finally, the solution Recommendations AI of Google Cloud provides help to recommend new products to users, which thanks to thepage-level optimization the e-commerce site will display dynamically. There is no model missing buy-it-again to recommend repeat purchases.

More information on the Google Cloud site.

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