Illustrato, il nuovo rompicapo di BorderLeap in esclusiva su Apple Arcade thumbnail

Illustrated, the new puzzle game from BorderLeap exclusively on Apple Arcade

Illustrated” is the new puzzle proposed by the creators of Patterned and developed by BorderLeaparrives today exclusively on Apple Arcade. It sits alongside other fun puzzles and brain teasers on the service, including “stitch.”, “Tetris Beat”, “Assemble with Care” and more.

Illustrated on Apple Arcade, on the side of the painters

This new title immerses players in beautiful illustrations and the story behind them, and features creative gameplay that merges puzzle after word puzzle. Each puzzle is matched with the story behind the artist’s work. With each correctly placed piece, the illustration comes alive with color as the words of the story are slowly revealed. Illustrated is a game multiplayerup to a maximum of 4 players.

Collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

In a special collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, in celebration of its 50th anniversary of the museum, the game also features a few selected galleries, especially the early years of Van Gogh and Van Gogh in Paris. In fact, he plans to add more galleries to the museum throughout the year. Users will learn about Van Gogh and his works and experience these masterpieces in a way never experienced before.

Illustrated Apple Arcade

Updates and content from the Apple Arcade world

In addition to the new Illustrated game, new content is also arriving on Apple Arcade.

Grindstone”: Three new Cosmic Biomes arrive, with 45 remix levels in the Cosmic Darkside, and has also opened the brand new Harry’s Hat Stand.

Episode XOXO”: players will be able to test themselves in chapters 1-4 of the new Game of Hearts story, where an unexpected encounter will lead them to discover the irresistible charm of the athlete Ace Anderson.

Super Leap Day”: Launching through the whirlpools and hurtling through the clouds with the Windy Skies update, players can parachute and ride the currents to avoid a variety of new creatures and traps.

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