Google crea la Fortnite Task Force

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We are well aware of the controversy between Google and Epic Games, which began after the company tried to circumvent the Play Store’s 30% deduction from game content. Still, it would appear that the dispute between the two companies began much earlier. To be exact, in 2018. When for the first time a version of Fortnite appeared outside the Play Store, thus panicking the technological giant. And indeed, to resolve its dispute with Epic, it would seem that Google has even created a “Fortnite Task Force“. And it was the video game developer who revealed the details.

Fortnite Task Force: what it is and how it works

Apparently, the Fortnite Task Force was created by Google after Epic Games tried to make itself independent of the only App distribution platform on Android, the Play Store. Since that time, the task force has met daily. The goal is to crack down on a potential security breach which could occur for players who install Fortnite from outside the Play Store. And instead of waiting the 90 days it took to reveal the problem, Google reported everything to the media after just a week (or so). As Bloomberg quotes in a note: “Instead, ignoring user safety, Google was quick to spread the word.”

Apparently, the company wanted to “dissuade developers from launching it outside of Google Play and maintain Google’s monopoly on the distribution of Android apps”. A Google spokesperson responded to the allegations: “Epic has released Fortnite on Android with security vulnerabilities that could compromise consumer data. Security and protection are our top priorities, so obviously we have taken steps to warn our users of this security flaw, in accordance with our app security policy. We will continue to fight Epic’s claims in court ”.

Despite this, Google’s warnings have been somewhat exaggerated, according to Epic. On the other hand, Epic had long had problems with Google and Apple’s distribution systems on Android and iOS. And this explains why the company has introduced its own payment system in 2020, thus preventing the two tech giants from retaining 30% of the revenue from user purchases. But when Apple and Google decided to remove the battle-royale from their stores, Epic took legal action. In reality, the development company doesn’t seem to be doing well. A judge ruled that the Cupertino company had every right to delete the game from its App Store. And it will be useless to rely on an appeal. At this point, therefore, it is said that the Fortnite Task Force has done its duty.