Telegram launches sponsored messages

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Another new feature coming to the Telegram App. We are talking about the “Sponsored posts“, Which will allow users to promote channels and bots. From what we know, in fact, these can only be viewed in channels with at least 1000 subscribers, and they will have a 160 character limit. Furthermore, they will have to deal with topics related to those of the channel in which they are published. But let’s find out something more.

Telegram: App launches the “Sponsored messages” function

The Telegram App announces the launch of the “Sponsored Messages” feature, which will allow users to view advertising messages within a channel. All in full respect of their privacy, since these messages will not be displayed in the list of active conversations, nor in the chats. The goal of the platform, in fact, is precisely to eliminate the need to publish ads in the form of messages within the channels, opting for sponsored messages that are more user-friendly and less chaotic.

There is a note to make though: the “Sponsored Messages” function is currently still being tested on the Telegram App. “Once they are fully launched and allow Telegram to cover its basic costs (such as the equipment and data centers used by the channel administrators to deliver their content to our hundreds of millions of users), we plan to start share advertising revenue with the admins of the channels where sponsored messages are displayed – because that’s right ”. So writes the platform.

From this point of view, it would almost seem that Telegram winks at WhatsApp. Of course, we know that the Facebook-owned platform shares data with the parent company for advertising purposes. And in this Telegram it could once again prove to be a step forward. Sponsored messages are effective but non-invasive, and do not require you to collect user data.