Google delays launch of Gemini AI to 2024

Google rimanda il lancio di Gemini AI al 2024 thumbnail

Google has decided to cancel the launch events Of Gemini AI scheduled for next week and now aims to present its rival GPT-4 in January. We’ll have to wait a few more weeks for Mountain View’s AI model.

Google moves Gemini AI launch to 2024

According to reports from The Information, Google will postpone the launch of Geminiwhich he teased during I/O 2023, describing it as a foundational model with “impressive multimodal capabilities” from the early stages of its creation.

Initially, Mountain View had planned to debut Gemini later this year, with an unusually planned holiday launch – a move not publicly announced. However, sources cited by The Information said that Gemini was facing difficulties with non-English languages, prompting CEO Sundar Pichai to delay its release.

Designed to handle a wide variety of applications, Gemini combines different data types, such as images and text, to carry out more advanced tasks. In May, Google had stated: “Once perfected and rigorously tested for safety, Gemini It will be available in various sizes and capacities.”

It is expected that Gemini will bring improvements to the existing artificial intelligence of Googleenhancing products such as Bardl’Google Assistant and the Research. However, considering the importance of this release and the solid dominance that the rival OpenAI already has in the industry, it seems that Google don’t want to take chances with its new artificial intelligence model.

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