Telegram transcribes voice messages for free

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The messaging app Telegram has announced updates that will affect all users, not just those Premium: here comes transcription of voice and video messageswhich allows users to convert up to two messages per week to text, for free.

Telegram, free transcription of (some) voice messages

The app update Telegram for iOS and Android also allows non-paying users to access the vocal transcriptionsguaranteeing everyone the opportunity to Convert voice and video messages to text. However, this feature is limited to two messages per week for free users. But that’s not the only news coming for all users.

One of the most interesting new features concerns the subscription experience Telegram channels. Thanks to the improved functionality of discovery of channelsnew subscribers will now receive recommendations based on similar subscriber bases, making it even easier to join new channels.

But the innovations don’t end there. Users can now include comments or video reactions in their stories, having the ability to adjust the size and position of the video message on the screen.

Furthermore, Telegram introduces a series of options customization to enrich the user experience Premium. These include the profile color customization, custom wallpapers for individual chats and the ability for channel administrators to customize the reaction emoji.

The update also includes the ability to republish stories of friends or favorite channels on your page with just a few taps and the availability of story performance statistics, allowing you to monitor views, shares and reactions. There is also the possibility of aanimation of disappearing messages Thanos-style for iOS users: When a preset self-destruct message dissolves, it does so with a pixelated explosion.

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