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Google enhances the Bug Bounty program

Google’s Bug Bounty program expands. The company, in fact, has decided to offer rewards to users who are able to find security holes also with regard to open source projects. Thanks to this program it is possible to obtain a reward that can reach over 30 thousand dollars. Here are the full details on what’s new announced by Google today:

Google extends the Bug Bounty program to open source projects

Great news for the Google’s Bug Bounty program with which the American company aims to incentivize, through cash rewards, users to identify flaws in its systems. With the new expansion of the program, in fact, now Google’s Bug Bounty also covers open source projects.

Note that this program has seen Google pay more $ 8.7 million in rewards in the course of 2021. This is an increase compared to the 6.7 million dollars paid in the course of 2020. For the future, Google intends to extend and enhance its program, making it more and more convenient for users.

Francis Perron e Kryzsztof Kotowicz di Google commented on today’s announcement: “Over time our range has expanded to include programs focused on Chrome, Android and other areas. Overall, these programs have rewarded more than 13,000 applications, for a total of over $ 38 million paid ”

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